Home Inspectio – What Is It?

Home Inspectio – What Is It?

A home inspection is essentially a non-invasive, limited examination of the general condition of a residential dwelling, most often in connection with the selling of that particular dwelling. Home inspections are frequently performed by an individual home inspector who typically possesses the proper training and certifications to carry out such inspections. In the case of selling a residential property, it’s not uncommon for a home inspector to include a few more details to his or her report to add some perceived value to the home’s overall resale potential.

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A home inspector’s report is generated from the specific steps taken during the inspection process. Such steps generally comprise obtaining an inspection warrant from the local government, having the property surveyed by a qualified and licensed engineer, and a determination of all problematic areas by the home inspector. From these basic steps, a report is generated detailing what was found. All major systems are typically tested during the course of an inspection, and minor systems may also be reviewed. The purpose of such examinations is to determine if a property is safe for occupancy and to determine whether or not the damages actually caused the damage, if they resulted from negligence or otherwise.

Some home inspectors specialize in a particular type of inspection. For example, those experienced in inspecting flood prone residential properties may focus their reports on those homes located in areas prone to flooding. Specialists in the field also may evaluate the roof and other roofing components to determine the suitability of a roofing system for that particular dwelling. Additionally, some inspectors may choose to focus their inspection on areas deemed to be in need of repair or modification based on the condition of the property’s drainage system and foundation.

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