Home Inspectio – Protects Your Interests

Home Inspectio – Protects Your Interests

What is a Home Inspection? A home inspection is an independent, non-invasive inspection of the structural condition of a property, most often in association with the sale of that property. Home inspectors generally are trained and certified to do such inspections. Home inspectors are licensed in all 50 states in the US. Home inspectors are licensed through the Department of Health, but in some states you may be required to have your home inspected by the Department of Licensing and Regulations. Home Inspectio is an organization that helps homeowners in the United States to protect their interest in real estate transactions.

What Zombies Can Teach You About Home Inspection

Home Inspectio is an organization whose membership is made up of professional home inspectors, engineers, brokers, and mortgage representatives. Home Inspectio offers free home inspections, which may include a visual examination by the independent inspector as well as an oral report by the inspectors after reviewing the written report. Home Inspectio offers many benefits to those interested in obtaining such a written report on their home. One of the main benefits is that Home inspection is not a guarantee that there will be no defects or problems in a home; however, they do offer an assurance that the defects or problems will be brought to the attention of the buyer before they close the deal.

Home Inspectio can help the buyer by giving them a written report that details the major and minor defects with the home and the repairs needed that would result in an acceptable repair cost. They are also qualified to make recommendations to the seller, which would result in a lesser repair cost. Home Inspectio is especially valuable because it can help the buyer save money by avoiding costly repairs when there are less than obvious problems. Home Inspectio can also provide the buyer with a guarantee of the defect or major problem and help them decide if it is worth fixing or replacing the item. Home Inspectio is very useful in determining the reason for a minor issue that may turn into a major problem because they have the expertise to spot these problems.

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